FLAUS is a non-profit organization that joins ultrasonography societies all over Latin America, aiming knowledge sharing among its members. In 2013 the Federation accomplishes its 30th anniversary committed with the educational interchange and the specialty progress in Latin America.es


The new 2015-2017 administration, established within the framework of the XVII Congress of the Latin American Congress of Societies of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology held in San Jose, Costa Rica on May , will continue the oustanding work done by the previous directives, constantly looking for the growth and development of the Ccontinuing Medical Education, as well as reinforcing the recognition of FLAUS as an ultrasonography reference in Latin America and as an integrator of the countries members.

Therefore, among several activities, the website was rebuilt including Portuguese and English versions, where you will be able to find guidelines and protocols for exams. And, very soon, will be provided cases for studies and discussions.

We also recommend you to visit the “agenda” area, to keep yourself informed about events in the members societies and affiliated entities.

We invite everyone to participate and contribute!

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