Letter from the President

Dr. Antonio Carlos Matteoni de Athayde
President FLAUS 2019-2021

I am grateful to the Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, for our appointment as president-elect of the Latin American Federation of Ultrasonography in 2017, now interim president, and for all the support received from various ex-presidents and presidents of Federations and / or Societies .

I thank the management colleagues who are now beginning to assume their duties, all of whom are aware of their duty and the great work ahead of us. When I was president of the Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, I always spoke, we advisors must be small, the institution must be large, we will pass, but the institution must not, we have an obligation to work for FLAUS and really serve. We must be attentive to our work, its importance for future generations, it is time to professionalize FLAUS, when the president of the Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging gave a shock to management and strategic planning, we are sure that such programs are not suitable for FLAUS, but as far as possible, we have to do the greatest degree of professionalism that can be done, it is no longer possible for the next President to leave the meeting with dollars in his pocket, we have to render accounts with the respective balance sheets, which must be demonstrated at the end of each administration.

It is necessary for everyone to know that working for FLAUS is not and will never be the sole function of the board, it is for all its members, of course, the board has a greater degree of work and responsibility, but that does not exempt anyone from not cooperating, help and work.

It is necessary that the member countries understand the importance of paying their annuity within the established deadline, payment that guarantees the survival of the day to day, we have a secretary, website, accountant and in addition to all this, the obligation to disclose, recycle and update the ultrasound in all Latin American countries, especially those that need it most, all of this has a cost, I count on everyone's help and understanding. Now we have different forms of payment: Pay Pal, credit card and invoice, whatever is best for each member country, just choose and communicate.

I conclude by thanking everyone, with the promise that we will work hard for our institution, but this work will not be mine alone, as we say in Brazil, “swallow doesn’t make a summer”, all colleagues of the Conscious of their responsibilities, occupy leadership positions in FLAUS cannot be just for the title, but for the dedication, selflessness and work, so that together we can carry out a joint work, a team work, so that the entity is each day stronger and more representative of ultrasound in Latin America and the world. world.

Big hug to all.

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